P-3 Framework Info (10 Steps)

The West Valley PreK Initiative uses the framework identified by Linda Sullivan-Dudzic, Donna K. Gearns, and Kelli Leavell (2010) in their book, Making a Difference:  10 Essential Steps to Building a PreK-3 System.

Step 1:  Establish Need and Common Interests

Step 2:  Locate and Connect with Your Early Childhood Learning Environments

Step 3:  Develop a Leadership Group

Step 4:  High-Quality Professional Development

Step 5:  Connect and Align Quality PreK to Kindergarten

Step 6:  Maximize the Benefits of Full-Day Kindergarten

Step 7:  Align and Connect with Strong Full-Day Kindergarten with Grades 1-3

Step 8:  Conquer the Fade-Out

Step 9:  Create a Sustainable System of Support

Step 10:  Review, Revise, and Extend