Complaint Procedures

Districts receiving Title I, Part A funds are required to disseminate free of charge to parents information about the written complaint procedures for resolving issues of violation(s) of a Federal statute or regulation that applies to Title I, Part A programs.  

West Valley School District is committed to open communication between school staff and parents as we work toward the goal of educating all students.  We are aware that disagreements may arise periodically. These disagreements need to be resolved in a timely fashion.  The following procedures have been developed to handle complaints dealing with Title I, Part A programs, services, and staff members.  All Title I, Part A complaints are to be directed to the Director of State and Federal Programs, Lexi Catlin, in writing at 1041 South 96th Avenue, Yakima, WA 98908 or by email at  Hard copies of the policy, procedures and forms are available at Cottonwood Elementary in the State and Federal Programs office.

Director of state and federal programs will: 
1.  Gather all information related to the complaint
2.  Assist in completing the complaint form as needed
3.  Submit the complaint to the district superintendent

In response to the complaint, the district superintendent will:
1.  Investigate and prepare a response
2.  Ask the director of state and federal programs to review the complaint form and the prepared response
3.  Set an appointment with the originators of the complaint in order to resolve the complaint.  An effort will       be made to be arrange this meeting withing 5 working days.

If the complaint cannot be resolved with the school district, patrons have a right to submit a complaint to OSPI.