Common Q&A

1. How do I open a lunch account for my student?

When you enroll your student in school they are automatically issued a CN meal account. They are assigned a 7-digit I.D. number which they will either state their name (at elementary schools), or type ID number (at secondary schools) into a pin pad if they choose to buy a meal or a drink.

2. If I pay cash at the Child Nutrition office will I get cash back?

No, we do not give cash back. The remainder stays in their account. 

3. What if I forget to send lunch money to school? 

Our charge policy allows students to go one full meal price in the negative. (Example - Elementary students can go -$2.45 until they receive a courtesy snack). Once they go beyond the one full meal price in the negative, the student will receive a courtesy snack to get them through the day. A courtesy snack includes milk and unlimited fruits and vegetables from the lunch menu. The courtesy snack will prompt a Child Nutrition secretary to make a reminder phone call  or email to the parent/guardian. 

4. What is included with the price of a meal?

The Child Nutrition program partakes in the Offer vs. Serve (OVS) concept at all grade levels. OVS allows students to decline some of the food offered in a reimbursable lunch or breakfast. The goal of OVS are to reduce food waste and to permit students to choose the foods they want to eat. However, the student must select 3 food components, one must be a fruit and/or vegetables (grain, meat/meat alternative, fruit, vegetable, and milk) for thier lunch meal. At breakfast, a student must select 3 food items, one including a fruit and/or vegetable.  

5. Can my student buy extra food (a la carte)?

Elementary students can buy an extra entrée with their meal as long as they have ordered it when they ask for a lunch choice at the beginning of the day at school. An extra entrée with a meal at the elementary school is $1.50. Secondary students may use their meal account to buy any extra entrees or a la carte items available to them. If you do not wish for them to use their meal account in this manner please contact the Child Nutrition Office and request that a restriction be put on the child’s account.

6. What is considered a lunch and what is considered a la carte?

A la carte are items that are not included in the reimbursable meal. Examples include a second entree, bottled beverages, chips, cereal bars, sides (fruits, vegetables, milk) that are not purchased as a meal.

7. If my student changes schools, does their money go with them?

Yes, if they change schools within the West Valley School District their money and free/reduced status will follow them there.

8. Can we request food substitutions for religious and/or personal reasons?

 No. All food substitutions must be prescribed by your physician or medical authority for a Life Threatening medical reason. Please refer to Allergies and Dietary Concerns page.

9. How do I check what my student is buying with their meal account?

You may contact the Child Nutrition Office. We would be happy to print off a report and either mail or e-mail it to you. You can also obtain daily deposit and eating history of your child(ren) after you create a MySchoolBucks account.

10. How do I have the money in my students meal account refunded to me?

Please contact the Child Nutrition Office for meal account refunds. Please allow 6-8 weeks for a check to be mailed to you. You can also transfer money between students in the district by contact the Child Nutrition office.

11. Will my student’s I.D. number always be the same?

Yes, your child’s I.D. number will remain the same as long as they are within the West Valley School District.

12. Are school meals healthy?

Great question! Yes, West Valley School menus offer the recommended daily allowance of nutrients by the U.S. Department of Agriculture Child Nutrition Guidelines. Breakfast contributes ¼ of the USDA’s daily nutrient requirements and Lunch contributes 1/3. In addition, West Valley School menus are analyzed by computer software to ensure that certain nutrient levels are met. Please see additional information on our website.

13. My student is going on a field trip; can he/she get a sack lunch?

Yes, sack lunches are available to all students when they go on field trips. ­ Requesting a lunch is part of the field trip preparations in which they will work with their teacher. Students may use their lunch account (free, reduced or paid) for the field trip.