Sack Lunches

School Hosted Field Trips

All students will have the option of receiving sack lunches for field trips. Children on a field trip must be offered lunches that meet the daily meal component requirements. K-8 daily meal component requirements include 1 cup milk, 1 ounce meat equivalent, 1 ounce grain equivalent, ½ cup fruit, and ¾ cup vegetables.

Sack Lunch Menu: SoyNut Butter & Jelly Sandwich, Carrots, Whole Apple, and Fat-Free Milk

Sack lunches will be charged on student school lunch account. Full priced students will be charged regular school meal price and reduced price students will be charged $0.40 (Grade 4-8).

One Week Prior

Submit request for sack lunches to the Child Nutrition office via Please include the following information:

  1. List of students and ID numbers
  2. Teacher Name
  3. School
  4. Date of Trip
  5. Departure Time
  6. Special Instructions

One Day Prior

Notify Child Nutrition office of any changes – absences, additional sack lunches, etc.

Day of Field Trip

Person in charge of the field trip will pick up sack lunches during the designated time in the school kitchen. The person in charge of field trip is responsible for insuring that each child receive the full lunch including milk. Child Nutrition will issue an insulated cooler and ice sheets so meals can be held at the appropriate temperature. Meals needs to be consumed within 4 hours from time received in kitchen.

Return from Field Trip

Person in charge of field trip must return insulated cooler and ice sheets to school kitchen the day of or day after field trip (if returning after kitchen hours).